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Personal & Corporate Tax Preparation
My personal tax clients cover a variety of different tax issues including: employment income; investment income; rental income; business income; professional income; tax return adjustments for prior years; objections and appeals; allowable employee expense;
home office and motor vehicle expenses.

I also provide corporate tax services in a number of areas including: manufacturing; benefits to shareholders; transfer of property to a taxable Canadian corporation; section 85 rollovers; capital dividend account; purchase or sale of a business; partnerships; death of a taxpayer; trusts; transfer of property among family members etc.

Bookkeeping & Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
There are many users who have a vested interest in your financial statements. Financial Institutions, the federal and provincial governments rely upon the financial information that has been prepared of your business. I will ensure that your statements are correct and in compliance with GAAP.

I will provide bookkeeping services onsite or offsite which I will reduce the cost of hiring and keeping the employees like expenses for employment insurance and Canada pension plan, workplace insurance or provincial health programs etc. I will provide regular, timely and accurate accounting and financial information on your business along with submission of government remittance and reporting completed on a timely basis.

Reviews & Audits of Financial Statements

The objective of a review engagement is to review financial statements to determine whether they are plausible, that is, worthy of belief.  Reviews provide limited assurance that your financial information conforms to GAAP.  We will learn about your business through assessment of our findings, with the limited objective of determining the plausibility of the information you have reported on.  The review process involves research, analytical procedures and discussion with you.

The objectives of an audit engagement is to render an opinion on the fairness of your financial statements.  Federal and provincial legislation in Canada generally requires a corporation to prepare annual financial statements for audit by qualified independent auditors.  The financial statements subject to audit are the responsibility of your company's management.  As your auditor, my responsibility is to express an opinion on those financial statements.  I will plan the audit to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free of material misstatement.  This will be achieved by evaluation of your company's system of internal control, and by inspection of documents, observation of assets, making of enquiries within and outside your company, and by other generally accepted auditing procedures.  I will gather the evidence necessary to determine whether your financial statements present a fair picture of your company's financial position and its activities during the period being audited.

Small Business Consulting
I specialize in providing Accounting and bookkeeping services to small business owners. Also, I advise the self employed on start up situations. I will advise you on structuring and tax planning considerations during the start-up or acquisition phase. My work is performed with due diligence investigations. I will ensure that your business is provided with timely and relevant data to help grow and market your business.

Financial Management
I will assist you to formulate a business plan. This is accomplished by way of mutual cooperation between the client and us. I will prepare realistic earnings, cash flow projections from your proposed ideas and advise you of the uncertainties involved. I can meet with your banker and arrange contact with a bank, if required.



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